Letter from Genie Gray, R.N.
Palm Desert, California

April 28, 2009

Dear Tower Labs,

I just wanted to share an experience I had recently with the drug store variety vitamin C tablets. 

I was preparing to have dental surgery and then foot surgery, so I wanted to build up my healing properties.  I had run out of the vitamin C that I had used for years so I called my source for a new supply, only to learn that this product was no longer available. My supplier suggested a different vitamin C and reassured me that the manufacturer of this new product had purebased the formula from the former producer and that the new vitamin C was as good as, if not better, than the other vitamin C product I had been using.  I purchased the new product and began taking it. 

I started with a loading dose of 10 grams in preparation for my upcoming surgeries.  After starting on the new vitamin C I began to experience constipation, which was something foreign to me.  I decided to increase my intake of the vitamin C to 20 grams, as I know that taking megadoses of vitamin C can bring about loose stools.  To my great disappointment and severe discomfort, I became constipated to the point that I became very worried for my health.

My curiosity led me to examine the label on this new product.  To my shock and surprise, the new product was loaded with calcium and a bunch of ingredients that I could not even pronounce.  I had also been led to believe that this product was made from "natural sources."  Despite reading the label several times, there was no indication that the product came from "natural sources" at all.  After a little detective work, I quit taking this vitamin C product and began to look for a new source for  vitamin C. 

That's when I contacted Tower Labs.  In speaking with Tower's product support representative I was informed that taking vitamin C at this dosage with a vitamin C product filled with additives, preservatives, binders and fillers was subjecting me to increased potential for liver toxicity and other problems (including apparently severe constipation). 

She went on to explain that though Dr. Pauling had recommended higher doses of vitamin C for optimal health, he was very specific about the type of vitamin C to be used - that is, pure ascorbic acid without added binders, fillers, additives or preservatives - not sodium ascorbate, nor calcium ascorbate, nor magnesium ascorbate or any other mineral ascorbate - pure L-ascorbic acid.  By using my tablet vitamin C to attempt Pauling's therapy I was ingesting massive amounts of ingredients that, while fairly nontoxic at low levels, were placing my health in great danger at the levels required to gain the benefits from the vitamin C. 

The Tower representative also explained that vitamin C in tablet form, especially with this level of fillers, is not very absorbable and that much of it was likely passing through the digestive system and remaining in my stool.  I knew I was feeling ill before I stopped taking that product and now I understand why.

I look forward to using Tower's powdered vitamin C Pauling therapy formulas because I know that they contain no binders, fillers, additives or preservatives that can be harmful at the high dosages that Linus Pauling recommended for optimal health and addressing cardiovascular disease.  I know that there is real healing with vitamin C and I am thankful to have found pure, unadulterated Pauling therapy formulas at TowerLaboratories.com.


Genie Gray
Genie Gray, R.N.
Palm Desert, California

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