September 2009

Monica Smith of Seagrove, North Carolina suffered a heart attack in July of 2009 with a near perfect cholesterol profile and no idea that she had coronary artery blockages.  She was also caring for her husband with heart disease at the time and she had previously started him on Tower's CardioAde Lp(a) binding inhibitor formula. 

Monica had also purchased our new book, Practicing Medicine Without a License?  The Story of the Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease, and was beginning to understand the connection between Lp(a) cholesterol, vitamin C deficiency and cardiovascular disease. The more she gave the CardioAde to her husband and the more she read in the book, the more she realized that she might also need to be taking the CardioAde for herself just to be on the safe side, still unaware that her own life was in jeopardy. Unfortunately, in the days ahead she suffered a heart attack before the CardioAde had time to work.

Again, at the time of her heart attack Monica's cholesterol profile was completely normal with normal triglycerides, an LDL of 107, an HDL of 53, and a total cholesterol of 160.  After her heart attack and remembering what she had read, Monica asked her doctor to order a Lipoprotein(a) cholesterol test.  Her doctor told her that her Lp(a) should be 75 or below (though Pauling advocated that 20 or below was the safest range).  Monica's Lp(a) score was 179

Monica explained that she had also suffered from hypothyroidism all of her life and had been told that thyroid dysfunction can lead to elevations in Lp(a) cholesterol.  For more information about the connection between hypothyroidism and elevations in lipoproteins, you may find the following article helpful:  Lipoprotein(a) and other lipoproteins in hypothyroid patients before and after thyroid replacement therapy.

Thankfully Monica survived her heart attack and was anxious to share her story so that others could learn about Lipoprotein(a) elevations and heart disease.  Hers is yet another Tower customer case history that proves --

(1) Pauling's theory about the connection between Lipoprotein(a) and heart disease, with or without elevated LDL, total cholesterol, or triglycerides;

(2) The importance of knowing your Lipoprotein(a) score; and

(3) The need to be taking a Pauling therapy Lp(a) binding inhibitor for optimal cardiovascular protection and avoidance of the chronic and often fatal form of scurvy known as coronary heart disease. 

Monica is now on Tower's CardioAde with sustained Lp(a) control. 

For your information, Life Extension Foundation now offers a lipoprotein (a) test.
Woman Suffers Heart Attack With Completely Normal Cholesterol Profile