Tower powdered drink mixes have a limited shelf life due to ambient moisture and should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator for longest shelf life both before and during dosing.  Storage in the freezer will extend shelf life the longest. 

For preservation of product shelf life and freshness, Tower makes the following recommendations:

- Store in freezer for best results.  Storage in the refrigerator is also okay for the jar currently in use.  DO NOT STORE PRODUCT IN A KITCHEN CABINET. 

- Keep the jar lid tightly closed.

- Leave the dessicant pad in the product jar during storage and use.

- Never introduce a wet or damp spoon into the product jar.

- Return the product immediately to its original storage place in the refrigerator or feezer after dosing with the top tightly sealed.

- Do not allow the product to be stored at or remain at room temperature loong-term after refrigeration and daily dosing.  If traveling, take only what product you will use up during your travels, especially if you cannot store it in a refrigerator or freezer during that time. 

Tower products may still be used if left unrefrigerated initially or at any time during use.  Early texture and color changes do not affect potency or dosing safetyThese changes occur as a result of moisture in the powder, not heat.  Keeping bottles in the refrigerator or freezer helps to keep this moisture out of the powder.

Again, early color or texture changes do not affect product potency.  However, over time more advanced caking and discoloration will occur if product is left in humid conditions or even at room temperature in humid parts of the country.  When powder becomes dark orange and rocky or hard to remove from the bottle the product has likely been compromised as regard to potency and should not be used.   However, if these changes should occur in your refrigerated jar or product stored in the freezer within 60 days of your original shipping date, Tower will gladly replace your product or refund your money.


Tower Laboratories is proud of its reputation for shipping excellent product for nearly three decades and therefore offers a 60-DAY, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  First-time buyers in the United States and Canada may also return ONE opened, unopened, partially used, or unused product jar within 60 days of Tower's original shipping date for a full refund if not completely satisfied.
Product Shelf Life
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