Question:  What is the Pauling therapy?
Answer:  The Pauling therapy is the minimum daily doses of vitamin C, lysine and the other nutrients that Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling recommended to treat and reverse heart disease.  Tower's HeartTech® product has contained the correct Pauling-inspired dosages since the company's inception in 1996.  The book, Practicing Medicine Without a License?  The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease, written by long-time distributors Owen Fonorow and Sally Snyder Jewell, discusses in great detail the Pauling theory and therapy for heart disease, and documents the amazing successes with the use of Tower products for reducing painful symptoms in former heart patients.                                                             TOP
Question:  Who should be using the Pauling therapy?
Answer: The American Heart Association estimates that from 30 to 50 million Americans (from 10% to 25% of the U.S. population) are currently diagnosed with some form of heart disease.  This year more than 1 million people will undergo heart procedures.  People in this group should be following Pauling's therapeutic dosage advice.  Those who have not yet been diagnosed and don't want to become a statistic should also be following Linus Pauling's smaller preventive dosage recommendations.                                                                                           TOP
Question:  What do Tower's Pauling therapy products do?
Answer:  Tower products address the symptoms of heart disease by facilitating the administration of the dosages that Linus Pauling reported are required to elevate vitamin C blood serum levels in the absence of the GLO enzyme.  NOTE:  Visitors to this site who are just now learning about the Pauling discovery and have symptoms of heart disease should visit a drug store and purchase vitamin C and lysine 500-mg tablets and begin taking them every 4 hours, slowly increasing the dosage until reaching a total of 5,000 mg (10 tablets) of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and 5,000 mg (10 tablets) of lysine daily, paying close attention to purchasing tablets without fillers, binders preservatives or additives.  After determining whether 20 or so tablets daily will help, visitors are then encouraged to come back to Tower for a product that works better.  Tower customers have consistently reported more symptom relief with HeartTech® powdered drink mix than with pills alone.  Customers prefer Tower products over pills, probably because our high-potency powdered drink mixes are taken in liquid form and are well absorbed, making them much more effective.  The exceptional taste helps to promote compliance.  Tower products are not a "cure" for heart disease because they do not replace the missing GLO liver enzyme.  Rather, they treat the symptoms of the disease. Our belief is corroborated by 12 years of experience as explained in Practicing Medicine Without a License?  The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease by Owen Fonorow and Sally Snyder Jewell; by the recent book Stop America's #1 Killer! by Board-certified cardiologist Thomas Levy, M.D., J.D. (Levy's book cites more than 650 supporting scientific studies); and by the DVD lecture made by Linus Pauling himself on the subject entitled Heart Disease:  Unified Theory of Cause and Cure.  The ever-growing list of testimonials now contained in the Practicing Medicine book can be found in the Testimonials pages and are categorized by angina, heart attack, coronary artery disease, stents, bypass; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, carotid artery disease and stroke, and congestive heart failure.                                                                                                                   TOP 
Question:  How long does it take to benefit from the Pauling therapy?
Answer: Tower formula users have in many cases reported relief of angina symptoms in as little as 10 days and the feeling of normalcy after severe heart disease in 30 days. There are exceptions, however, and the book Practicing Medicine Without a License? provides the reasons for those exceptions, which are also briefly outlined here.  The book also provides the authors' complete protocol for rapid reversal, and most of the recommended supplements are contained in Tower's Ascorsine-9® product.                                                                TOP
Question:  What kind of vitamin C is used in the Tower formulas?
Answer:  Tower products have been working for debilitated heart patients for over 20 years.  Time and again, when pills and other products have failed, Tower products are reported to reduce symptoms dramatically.  The vitamin C in our products is pharmaceutical grade pure ascorbic acid, the form recommended by Linus Pauling.  Don't be fooled by competitors;  check the label of "natural" products that are reported to be natural "Vitamin C Complex."  These products usually contain ordinary vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with a citrus complex.  However, the additional non-orthomolecular ingredients such as "rose hips" may limit the amount of vitamin C that can be safely ingested from such products.  Also, as appealing as buffered vitamin C may be, less of that type of vitamin C is absorbed through the stomach lining, making buffered C less bioavailable and generally half as effective as pure ascorbic acid.                                    TOP
Question:  Which Tower product is right for me?
Answer:  The Tower formula that is right for you depends on your diagnosis, your pocketbook, and what other supplements you are already taking.  Given that each of our formulas contains the recommended Pauling protocol, any one of our products is likely to provide substantial relief of symptoms, especially in those who are not currently supplementing with large amounts of vitamin C and lysine daily.  Tower products work!  Tower's combination of excellent taste, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients without fillers, 20+ year track record, and prices are unsurpassed. Other products may appear to cost less but their dosages are much smaller or they are stacked with cheap ingredients not endorsed by Pauling.  Tower customers can save even more money by purchasing on the monthly discounted Autoship Program

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease/cardiovascular disease (CVD), then Pauling recommended the equivalent vitamin C and lysine levels contained in 2-3 jars of either HeartTech® or Ascorsine-9®, monthly for at least 9-12 months.

Ascorsine-9®: Professional/High-Potency/Powerful Therapy:  Ascorsine-9® is Tower's most powerful drink mix for those with established or advanced cardiovascular disease or disease symptoms such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and/or angina. Tower chemists have added every supplement recommended for "heart disease" by experts in the field of alternative medicine that can be included in a drink mix and still be palatable.  A-9 is considered our "best" product; this formula replaces the largest number of pills and leaves little to chance.  It contains much of what cardiologist Thomas Levy recommends in addition to the basic Pauling therapy found in all Tower products.  More about Tower's Ascorsine-9® product.

HeartTech®:  Preventive/Therapeutic/Complete Therapy:  HeartTech® is the best choice for Tower customers with established cardiovascular disease who cannot afford Ascorsine-9®.  This original Tower formula provides 30 "preventive" dosages (two scoops daily) per single jar.  The formula includes key nutrients specifically recommended by Linus Pauling in the dosages he recommended for heart/cardiovascular disease.  Historically, the HeartTech® product has been Tower's most popular formula and overall best seller.  One jar monthly for prevention or 2-3 jars monthly for therapeutic use in those with heart disease provide the minimum monthly dosages that Pauling believed to be required for those diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (Linus Pauling, Heart Disease:  Unified Theory of Cause and Cure, DVD).  There is abundant anecdotal evidence that Tower's HeartTech® and Ascorsine-9® formulas lower Lp(a) cholesterol.  More about Tower's HeartTech® product.

CardioAde®:  Economical/Therapeutic/Basic Therapy:  CardioAde® is for prevention in those without heart disease and for those who have already addressed their disease with either the Ascorsine-9 or HeartTech® initially and are ready for a long-term maintenance program.  CardioAde® provides the Pauling recommended maintenance equivalent in a single jar.  The 30 "therapeutic" dosages provide Linus Pauling's basic recommendations of vitamin C and lysine for one person (5 grams each of C and lysine), or 30 "preventive" dosages for two people (2500 mg each of C and lysine).  CardioAde® is our most economical product in terms of Pauling therapy per serving.  If you are taking the other vitamins of the Pauling protocol separately, or if you recently underwent coronary artery bypass grafting using saphenous vein grafts, you should probably start with CardioAde®.  More about Tower's CardioAde® product.   TOP
Question:  Are Tower products effective on carotid arteries?
Answer: The more blood flow there is through an artery, the quicker Pauling's therapy works in those arteries including the carotid (neck) arteries.  The book Practicing Medicine Without a License?  The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease discusses the case of a 50% carotid artery blockage that was cleared after 30 days in a 70-year-old man on 1/2 of Pauling's suggested dose.  This case was verified "before" and "after" surgery.                                                                                                                                           TOP
Question:  Are there any dangers associated with use of the Pauling therapy and if so, what are they?
Answer: Minimal if any.  The Tower Pauling therapy formula ingredients are orthomolecular and by definition non-toxic.  Most patients find Tower products after they have been treated for years by orthodox medicine and are taking large quantities of toxic prescription drugs.  Yet, Tower is still in business because most of its customers have defied medicine and recovered quickly.  To date, after nearly three decades of following Pauling's advice and implementing his recommendations, there has yet to be even one complaint filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other governmental authority. This record is even more remarkable considering that most of our customers were on dangerous prescription drugs when they first began Pauling's therapy.  Early on there was a worry that perhaps the atherosclerotic plaques would loosen so rapidly that they would break off and pose a danger.  This has simply not occurred to our knowledge.  The reason, according to Pauling's former associate Matthias Rath, M.D., is that the dissolution of the atherosclerotic plaque via the Lp(a) binding inhibitors vitamin C and lysine works on the arterial wall at the molecular level - molecule by molecule.        TOP
Question:  How do Tower supplements compare with other cardiovascular disease treatments and products?
Answer:  Other nutritional products that do not address the low levels of ascorbate caused by the missing GLO enzyme may in fact be dangerous.  Several nutritional products on the market promise to remove the plaques of atherosclerosis.  Even if you assume their claims are true, if the product removes the plaques without working to reinforce the strength of the arterial wall via collagen synthesis with increased ascorbic acid intake, then the problem that nature seems to be correcting by depositing the plaques (i.e., reinforcing deteriorating arteries) remains.  Any nutritional competitor product that removes plaques may in fact be creating the ideal conditions for an aneurysm; the artery may rupture.  Tower products are formulated based on the Pauling/Rath Unified Theory of Heart Disease, which holds that the condition we call "heart disease" is a natural response to the missing GLO (gulonolactone oxidase) enzyme and subsequent chronically low levels of vitamin C in the bloodstream.  In the absence of sufficient vitamin C, the human body must use other methods of strengthening the arteries.  Dr. Rath likens these "white plaques" to "plaster casts."  Any product or procedure which simply removes the cast without increasing the strength of the arterial wall by replenishing vitamin C/collagen is potentially dangerous.                                                                        TOP
Question:  Can I take Tower products with common prescription heart or other medications?
Answer: Yes.  There may be exceptional circumstances, but generally vitamin C and lysine are required for life and will not interfere in an adverse way with heart medications.  Most common heart medications are compensating for the missing GLO enzyme and the resulting low levels of ascorbate in the blood of heart patients.  In fact, the book Practicing Medicine Without a License?  The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease suggests that it may be possible for heart patients to quickly reduce their dependency on most of their medications soon after they increase their blood levels of vitamin C.  HOWEVER, Tower recommends that patients consult with their doctors about this as doctors may not be aware of this possibility.  According to Pauling, vitamin C also helps the body to overcome many of the toxic effects posed by common heart medications.  WARNINGTake Tower products entirely at your own risk.  Please do not stop your prescription drugs without a doctor's orders.  Doing so on your own can be dangerous.  Tower employees and its independent retailers are not doctors and cannot make recommendations or give advice concerning prescription drugs that you may be taking.  We recommend that you discuss the Pauling therapy with your doctor and that any changes to your pharmaceutical medications be made under your doctor's direct supervision.                                                           TOP
Question:  Why hasn't my cardiologist heard about the Pauling therapy?
Answer:  In a word, ignorance.  The few cardiologists who have learned about Pauling's work are very supportive.  However, very few medical doctors have heard about the vitamin C theory of heart disease because it is not taught in medical schools or textbooks and because medical journals have been negligent.  The pharmaceutical industry Dr. Thomas Levy is a medical doctor and a Board-certified cardiologist who has written a book that can be used to inform other cardiologists of this critical, life-sustaining information entitled Stop America's #1 Killer!.                     TOP
Question:  Can't large amounts of vitamin C cause kidney stones?
Answer:  No.  This is a myth propagated in medical textbooks and there hasn't been a single clinical study which has shown this to be true.  On the other hand, kidney stone formation has been scientifically correlated with low levels of vitamin B6 in multiple recent studies.  Alternative doctors often use high dosages of vitamin C to dissolve kidney stones, which tend to form in alkaline urine.                                                                                                            TOP
Question:  Why have there been so few studies about vitamin C and cardiovascular disease?
Answer:  We wish we knew.  Time, expense, and a lack of interest by the pharmaceutical companies are the typical excuses.  Actually, there have been thousands of scientific studies documenting that the symptoms of heart disease are a result of a lack of vitamin C in the blood. Cardiologist Thomas Levy, M.D. cites more than 650 such studies in his recent book, Stop America's #1 Killer!.  What has been missing is a test of the Pauling/Rath theory - specifically, a clinical test of the very high dosages of vitamin C and lysine together in humans.  If this study were ever to be conducted, we predict that Linus Pauling would then be hailed as a National hero.  In 1996 as Tower Laboratories Corporation was being formed, a serious effort was made to interest scientists at a major university in Southern California in the Pauling theory in the hope that they would want to conduct studies with Tower products.  We were literally laughed out of their offices.  Subsequently, the Vitamin C Foundation drafted two serious study proposals and submitted them to the U. S. National Institutes of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine, only to be turned down for trivial reasons.  These grant applications and NIH rejections are a matter of public record.  We can think of no valid scientific reason why there is such reluctance to test a major theory by one of the world's top twenty greatest scientists on the number one cause of death in the United States.  Can you?  Fortunately, you don't need a study in order to determine whether Pauling's discovery and invention can reverse your symptoms.  Also, if heart patients who adopt the Pauling therapy will obtain "before" and "after" Lp(a) blood tests by ordering a Lipoprotein (a) test then both the patient and his doctor will be able to objectively measure just how his or her body is reacting to Tower's Lp(a) binding inhibitor formulas.                                                                TOP
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