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Tower Laboratories Heart Technology Product
Heart Tech®
Lowers Lp(a) Cholesterol

The ORIGINAL Pauling Therapy Formula
For Coronary Heart Disease

When taken together at the dosages recommended by Pauling, the Pauling therapy orthomolecular ("right molecule") nutrients have been scientifically shown to:

Strengthen the cardiovascular system by increasing the formation of collagen

Dissolve atherosclerotic plaques by inhibiting the binding of lipoprotein (a) cholesterol to the artery walls

Lower elevated Lp(a) cholesterol in ascorbate-deficient individuals

Relieve the pain of angina pectoris

Reduce the likelihood of heart attack, stroke and clotting

Strengthen the cardiovascular system by increasing the formation of collagen

Increase heart strength and other muscle strength and stamina

Replace the missing "stress" hormone

Prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density

Slow aging and increase antioxidant intake

Boost immunity against bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases including antibiotic-resistant strains

Increase sexual function by improving circulation

Promote overall health and the feeling of well-being
Reversing heart disease is an important topic to men and women throughout the entire world.  The scientific research of two-time unshared Nobel Prize Recipient Dr. Linus Pauling has conclusively proven that cardiovascular health is dependent on adequate intake of a single nutrient - ascorbic acid, without which the body cannot make enough collagen to keep up with its great demand.  Humans cannot synthesize this essential vitamin. Without this nutritional support blood vessels begin to deteriorate and thus require patching by cholesterol-comprised plaques. Through the following means Linus Pauling told the world about his findings and what servings dosages are required to cure the disease: 

   - Solution to the Puzzle of
        Human Cardiovascular
        Disease, 1991

     - A Unified Theory of
        Human Cardiovascular
        Disease, 1992

  2.  PATENT
  4.  VIDEO
Scientist, Educator,
Author and Peace Activist
1901 - 1994
The World's only recipient of two unshared Nobel Prizes for his work in chemistry and peace.

Known as the Father of Modern Chemistry, Pauling worked with his friend Albert Einstein and put his quantum mechanics with the then existing chemistry to make our modern day chemistry.  

Recipient of 48 honorary doctorates from the world's finest universities. 
For 26 years Tower customers have relied on Tower formulas because of their successful results with cardiovascular health, heart disease, and cholesterol reduction. Tower drink mixes have been discussed in the media as the heart disease supplements that actually work.
Buy Practicing Medicine Without a License?  The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease, available from Tower Laboratories Pauling Therapy Store
Practicing Medicine Without A License? The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease,  by Owen Fonorow and Sally Snyder Jewell, explains the science and specific detailed vitamin C and lysine dosage recommendations made by the twice Nobel prize-winning scientist which have now helped thousands of heart patients overcome their disease.  

Read more
about the book
“Science cannot be stopped.  Man will gather knowledge no matter what the consequences – and we cannot predict what they will be.  Science will go on – whether we are pessimistic, or are optimistic, as I am.”

~ Linus Pauling, 1947
   Yale University Lecture
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Coronary Heart Disease - The True Cause and Cure
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Cardiologists and medical practitioners are recommending Tower's Pauling therapy formulas for their own patients. Florida's Dr. Jeffrey Dach is just one of the many physicians who recognize the consistent effectiveness of Pauling's coronary heart disease cure and have seen near miraculous results in their own patients.  Dr. Dach recently stated regarding the Pauling therapy:  
Tower Laboratories CardioAde Vitamin C Lysine Product
"In the near future, thanks to Linus Pauling, heart disease will become a curiosity of the past, like the disappearance of gastric ulcers after the invention of antacids and antibiotics."  Jeffrey Dach, M.D.
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Linus Pauling vitamin C
Tower's Pauling Therapy Heart Formulas
Heart Attack Occurs with Normal Cholesterol
but High Lipoprotein (a), Including in Athletes

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Tower Labs was founded in 1996 by William Decker, a friend to Linus Pauling, to provide information and produce supplements based on Pauling's recommendations for preventing and reversing heart disease. Pauling told Decker in 1989, "We are particularly interested in work we're currently doing on a newly discovered lipoprotein called lipoprotein (a).  We expect that ultimately this discovery will eradicate heart disease from the earth."

Tower sells high-dose powdered vitamin C, lysine and proline-rich Lp(a) binding inhibitor drink mixes for cardiovascular disease as recommended by Nobel Prize winning scientist Linus Pauling.  Tower drink mixes replace handfuls of pills and are made with pharmaceutical-grade, bioidentical ingredients. 

Drugstore forms of vitamin C (tablets and capsules) contain binders, fillers and preservatives that can be toxic when taken at the high levels recommended by Linus Pauling for effectively addressing cardiovascular disease.  However, Tower's powdered vitamin C formulas contain no artificial flavoring, coloring, fillers or preservatives and are formulated to be safe at the doses recommended by Pauling.  Because of this, however, it is recommended that they be stored in the freezer or refrigerator to retard color and consistency changes in the powders due to heat and humidity. 

Read the following account of a Registered Nurse who previously undertook high dose ascorbic acid therapy therapy with drug store vitamin C at the levels recommended by Pauling and had a very negative experience:   
Customer Experience with Drug Store Vitamin C
Linus Pauling stressed the connection between too much calcium and heart disease years before this 2013 study  which proves his assertion.  He suggested that calcium combines with lipids (fats) to make cardiovascular plaques. 

"Calcium is an important nutrient for bone health, but new research suggests that older women who take large amounts may be at increased risk of heart disease and death.

Swedish researchers followed 61,433 women born between 1914 and 1948 for an average of 19 years, confirming causes of death with a Swedish government registry. The investigators also used questionnaires to record the women’s food and calcium supplement intake.

After controlling for physical activity, education, smoking, alcohol and other dietary factors, they found that women who consumed 1,400 milligrams or more of calcium a day had more than double the risk of death from heart disease, compared with those with intakes between 600 and 1,000 milligrams. These women also had a 49 percent higher rate of death from cardiovascular disease, and a 40 percent higher risk of death from any cause.

The study, published last week online in BMJ (British Medical Journal), found the increased risk only in women who consumed the most calcium — there was no gradually increased risk with gradually increased calcium intake.

The authors noted that calcium can increase blood levels of a protein associated with higher risk for cardiovascular disease.

“If you have a normal diet, you don’t need to take calcium supplements,” said the lead author, Dr. Karl Michaëlsson, a professor and orthopedic surgeon at Uppsala University in Sweden. “Calcium supplements are useful if you have a very low intake of calcium, but few women have such a low intake.”

Reversing heart disease in individuals who have embraced Pauling's therapy is indeed a bona fide reality. Many individuals have reported marked reversal of their coronary heart and cardiovascular disease symptoms (angina, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) in as little as two weeks.  Tower's Pauling therapy supplements do not interfere with conventional heart disease, cholesterol or blood pressure medications.
Tower Laboratories Heart Technology Product
Heart Tech® - Tower's first and best-selling "complete" formula for over 12 years is well-known for its effectiveness at the doses outlined by Pauling for occlusive cardiovascular support.
Ascorsine-9® - Tower's most potent formula with more heart-healthy supplements for advanced cardiovascular support.

CardioAde® - Tower's newest formula with more vitamin C and lysine than HeartTech and Ascorsine-9 for long-term maintenance of cardiovascular health after intial cardiovascular therapy with HeartTech or Ascorsine-9.
Anti-Aging Technology™ - Tower's Human Growth Hormone stimulating, amino acid-rich formula that also contains the Pauling protocol for prevention.  Product should be taken apart from the others because of its high arginine content. 
Tower Laboratories Ascorsine-9 Vitamin C Lysine Product
Tower Laboratories Anti-Aging Technology itamin C Lysine Product


Back in 1989
Nobel Prize
winning scientist
Linus Pauling
recognized and announced the cause of coronary heart and all cardiovascular disease as a high dose vitamin C and collagen deficiency and invented a remarkably effective therapy for the prevention and removal of arterial  plaque?  If not, you certainly aren't alone. 

Dr. Pauling's work was well documented (see WRITINGS) and submitted to mainstream medical journals for publication but was rejected except by alternative medical journals with a much smaller audience.  As a result, the American public has remained largely in the dark and millions of lives have been needlessly lost to heart attack, aneurysm, stroke, and other forms of cardiovascular disease.

However, thanks to Pauling and his tireless crusade for the innumerable benefits of vitamin C, those who have followed his advice since the 1970s to take high doses of vitamin C for numerous reasons including the prevention of colds and flus have unknowingly been protected from heart disease.

Vitamin C Foundation founder Owen Fonorow, in his 2008 Pauling Therapy Handbook writes:

"Before long, perhaps  after you have heard tales of remarkable case histories of those using Pauling's therapy (maybe perhaps even your own case), you will come to realize that one man can be credited for saving the lives hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens since 1970.

Linus Pauling was an American hero." 
Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Tower Laboratories Corporation does not make any health or medical claims for its products.  Tower is not responsible for independent third parties who may otherwise represent the efficacy of Tower products.  These individuals are not Tower agents and do not have permission to do so.  Testimonials are believed to be within the range of typical consumer responses, though your results may differ.  Unsatisfactory products sold in the United States of America may be returned for a full refund within 60 days of the original ship date. 
The Pauling/Rath unified (vitamin C) theory of cardiovascular disease is  one of the greatest potential breakthroughs of modern science. Their remarkable theory and claim that low cost Lp(a) binding inhibitors will prevent and even dissolve artery blockages has gone unnoticed by the pharmaceutical industry, the medical profession and the media for decades, despite emerging evidence that the theory is correct and the Pauling vitamin c and lysine therapy effective.

2015 research findings on vitamin C, lipoprotein(a) and atherosclerosis by John Cha B.S. - Symposium Maastricht 25 April 2015, have demonstrated on knockout mice that the Linus Pauling therapy is effective against coronary heart disease. 


Denver Wood, of Rochelle, Texas, is an 81 year old man with diabetes whose circulation to his legs had become so poor that his legs were "rock hard, swollen, feverish, and extremely painful."  He described his legs as feeling like "two sticks attached to my body."  He also describes carotid artery blockages that were limiting blood flow to his brain and causing him to literally "black out" when he stood up from a sitting or lying position.

Among his cardiovascular testing performed in May of 2012 was a carotid/vertebral duplex evaluation that showed a 50-79% ICA stenosis bilaterally.  Other than recommending that he get better control of his blood sugar (A1C was 9-9.7 at the time), his doctors could provide no suggestions and recommended that he return to see them in three months.

Mr. Wood began taking Tower's Ascorsine-9 in April of 2012. After only four months on Ascorsine-9 his blood sugar was "lowered to a more normal level;" his "legs and feet were completely down to normal, with no more ulcers and no more swelling or pain;" his calves became "soft and pliable;" and he was "able to lie down in bed ... without blacking out."

Read Mr. Wood's full story here.    


Jeffrey Bush, 32-year-old athlete from Salem, Ohio, shares his story of heart disease and his remarkable recovery on Pauling's therapy.
Jeffrey's Story

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease